Enhanced Riding

Great Locations ...great biking

Your course or assessment can take place anywhere you choose, near to where you live or further afield. However, I have developed a range of excellent contacts and venues in areas renowned for their superb, traffic free biking roads and fabulous scenery.

Where controlled speed is an issue, we can go to the Isle of Man where there is the opportunity to stretch both machine and rider at speeds in excess of 60 / 70 mph.

cadwellOff-Road Training

At a trials practice ground near Leeds...or a suitable venue near you.

On-Road Training

At one of the areas that we use for our residential courses, or nearer to your home – you choose.

Residential Courses

Yorkshire Dales, Wales, Scottish Borders, Isle of Man, Germany, (Eiffel Mountains/Nurburgring), France, & Eire.


We'll use B&Bs, Guesthouses and Hotels (you choose), that I have found to be both excellent bases for training events, and genuinely welcoming of bike riders and all our demands.

This means that we will be able to relax and concentrate on having a good time, whilst riding in some of the best scenery that the UK, Isle of Man & Europe have to offer.

My relationship with these businesses means I can arrange reduced rates for your stay. Clients often make good use of these discounts by either extending their stay by a couple of days, or by inviting a partner or pillion along for a combined course and holiday.

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